Brunch brings out criminal element in Taco Boy competitor.

Taco Boy, a Folly Beach taqueria/cantina, came to us with a last minute request to drum up business for their new weekend brunch. The brunch competition is pretty fierce on the small island town, many of the local players have been at it for years. How could we help Taco Boy snag a share of the pie?

The solution was to head off the brunch hungry before they hit the center of town. We had political style yard signs printed and placed along the road, just before town. A line of 30 signs promoting Taco Boy’s brunch would be next to impossible to miss. They were in place on Saturday morning, November 18th.

Later that evening, the managers at Taco Boy received a visit from the local police. Turns out officers nabbed the owner of a competing restaurant stealing signs promoting Taco Boy’s brunch. When asked if they wanted to press charges, Taco Boy managers elected to let their rival off with a slap on the wrist, feeling the shame of being caught was punishment enough.

The signs ended up doing double duty – pulling in a solid bruch crowd and giving the restaurant a nice little buzz thanks to an overzealous competitor.

Signs targeted by competitor.


~ by hookusa on November 21, 2006.

2 Responses to “Brunch brings out criminal element in Taco Boy competitor.”

  1. Hi there, I found your blog via Google while searching for first aid for a heart attack and your post looks very interesting for me.


  2. this is my first comment on any blog in any world at any time. so here it is:
    taco boy should challenge that competitive restaurant to a mexican wrestling match, “lucha libre”. it could be held at the plex. i’m sure more restaurants could get in on the act, create costumes, characters, etc. it could be a new event at the taste of charleston and the winner could make special appearances, sign autographs, become a superstar. or maybe not.

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