Seeing is believing.

When William Means, a downtown Charleston real estate firm came to us for help, they were one of many real estate firms clammoring to be the top dog in the luxury catagory. In order to differentiate them from the pack, we had to be daringly different. We had to do something never done before.The big idea was sitting in front of William Means’ listings: for sale signs. In March of 2006 we replaced every single ordinary William Means for sale sign with a new yard sign that had an irrisistible message: “Butler not included.” “Begging for a puppy.” “Spoil yourself.” “What color will you paint the kitchen?” “Imagine your first dinner party.”hook3.jpghook5.jpghook2.jpghook1.jpgThe new signs were backed by a series of print ads and a postcard campaign. Nine months later, in the midst of a real estate downturn, William Means has nearly doubled their listings. Not only in quantity, but in quality as well. Listings for homes of $1 million or greater grew to the point of needing their own separate ad. The results of the campaign are easy to see.wm_4_9.jpgApril 9, 2006wm_07_15.jpgJuly 21, 2006Additionally, William Means is set to open a second office in March of 2007.


~ by hookusa on December 13, 2006.

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