Hook Snags a Graphis Award.

The wondering, the waiting, the pacing all came to and end last week when word arrived that Hook won a coveted “Gold Award” in the Graphis Logo Design 7 competition. This is Hook’s first international competition win thanks to the hard work and fine logo craftsmanship of Brady Waggoner. Graphis has a reputation as the premier publication covering graphic communications worldwide and provides a compelling record of the most significant and influential communication work being produced today. Bottom line, this is one fancy award. Congratulations to Brady. Thanks to our client Fez for letting us off the leash. See all of the Graphis Logo Design winners at http://graphis.com/news/winnerlists/log7winners.php  



Graphis Logo Design 7 Winner 


~ by hookusa on November 26, 2007.

One Response to “Hook Snags a Graphis Award.”

  1. […] Nearly a year and a half after winning a Graphis Award in the LogoDesign 7 competition, our official Graphis Award has arrived – and it’s a beauty. Well worth the wait. Congrats to Brady on a stellar design. […]

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