Hook Hires Legendary Adman Lee Clow.

Hook’s newest employee, Lee Clow. Lee Clow, perhaps the most acclaimed and respected creative on the planet, the man who gave birth to the brilliant Apple campaigns, including the infamous “1984” commercial (considered one of the best television commercials ever made) is stepping down from his post as Chairman and Chief Creative Officer at TBWA/Worldwide to join Hook.  “I’ve been at TBWA for over 30 years now. It’s a lot of pressure running one of the ten largest agency networks in the word and I’m ready for a break. I’m getting older and I like the idea of surfing some smaller waves in much warmer water.”  As Hook’s newest employee, Clow will take the role of “Almighty One” and inspire and humiliate the rest of the staff.  Phil Waggoner, Hook’s strategy guy had this to say, “We’re real excited to have Lee onboard. He brings the kind of notoriety  we need around this joint. I just wish he didn’t have to take my office. I loved being able to see the coeds sunning themselves in Marion Square.” Mr. Clow has already secretly been introduced to many of Hook’s clients and said, “While they don’t have Apple or Nissan budgets, they’re….well, they’re nice people.”How did a small Charleston, South Carolina agency recruit one of the biggest forces in advertising? They didn’t. It’s simply a joke. Happy April Fools Day! 


~ by hookusa on April 1, 2008.

One Response to “Hook Hires Legendary Adman Lee Clow.”

  1. ok, ok. I admit it. I’m a faithful Hook subscriber, RSS feed on my google home. I actually read everything Hook puts out into the cybersphere. “oh, man. how in the world!?….” I was thinking. Plus I thought this guy was dead anyway. But maybe that was Jay Chiat. I read this on the second of April, no fair. You got me. Thanks.

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