That’s Mr. M&M to you.

According to a survey by Marketing Evaluations, the M&M’s characters topped the list of America’s Most Loved Spokescreatures. Impressive for the white gloved guys with no names – or at least no names we know of. The candy coated chocolate drops, which by the way, debuted in 1954, edged out the Geico gecko and the Aflac duck. The rest of the top 10 includes Poppin Fresh (the Pillsbury Doughboy), Tony the Tiger, Energizer Bunny, Trix Rabbit, Chester the Cheetah (the darkhorse of the gang), Ronald McDonald and Lucky (Charms) the Leprechaun. The Geico Cavemen cracked the top 10 last year, but fell quickly out of favor after their lackluster sitcom tanked. So easy a caveman can do it, clearly not the case for television shows. 



~ by hookusa on July 10, 2008.

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