AMC Mad over Mad Men on Twitter

Mad Men

Mad Men

If you’re a fan of Twitter and AMC TV’s “Mad Men,” you may have noticed the Mad Men characters popping up on Twitter. Mr. Draper, Paul, Peggy, Betty, Miss Holloway and a few others began Twittering away, most true to their character, talking about stuff happening on the show and exchanging notes with Mad Men fans. “Brilliant,” I thought. AMC TV has taken the characters on a bang-up show and extended them into a new arena where viewers could actually interact with those whose lives they watch each Sunday night.


Well, I was wrong. It wasn’t AMC’s doing at all. A few die hard fans of Mad Men assumed the characters – and for the most part, did a heck of a job in their roles. Rather than support what was engaging content and brave new territory for the show, AMC has pulled the plug on the Twitter accounts of Don Draper and several other character, several of which had quickly amassed over 1,000 followers. The reason behind the shutdown? The Mad Men characters belong to AMC and they want to maintain control over them. Too bad. It was a great idea. If anything, AMC execs should be mad because they didn’t think of it, not because the fans have such enthusiasm for the show.


~ by hookusa on August 26, 2008.

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