The Value of Research in Today’s Economy.


In today’s economy, you may be tempted to push consumer research aside and go straight to market with your message. We think it’s best to put on the brakes. By skipping research, you could be missing out on some valuable insights. For example, Rehava Real Estate Store came to us, eager to let people know about their new model for buying and selling real estate. Rehava gives home buyers 50% of their commission, which is a huge point of differentiation from other real estate firms. Before we started working creative, we wanted to know what potential customers thought about getting half of Rehava’s commission back. 

rehava-golf-ad1Hook developed a short survey and as expected, over 95% of those surveyed welcomed the idea of getting a half of Rehava’s commission back for buying a house. The survey also asked, “If Rehava could give you the best of service and 50% of their commission when you buy a house, what would keep you from working with them?” The answer that rose to the top was, “I’m already in a relationship with a realtor.” In some cases, this relationship was with a family member or close friend. This sparked an idea.

We knew our creative had to clearly let people know Rehava gives buyers half of their commission. Thanks to our research, we thought it would be smart to develop a second campaign targeting those that are already in a relationship with a real estate agent. We wanted to let people know that there are financial rewards that come from ending your current real estate relationship to work with Rehava. And you can be nice about it. 

The “Breakup” campaign was launched in print, radio, online and outdoor and directed people to visit “Breakup” ran in tandem with the “Half Our Commission” outdoor campaign.

break-up-with-your-agent1Days after the campaign broke, Rehava had people walk into their Real Estate Store and literally say, “I want to break up with my agent.” Just what the client wanted to hear. 

The lesson learned is that by taking the time to do research can lead you down insightful paths that connect with your target audience.

Have a great story about how research helped you tap into the minds of your customers? Here’s a great place to share it.


~ by hookusa on January 30, 2009.

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