Starbucks is introducing combo meals. What are they thinking?


Talk about letting someone else define your brand, Starbucks, in the wake of a dismal economy, is caving to competition from McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts. Rather than fighting back and sticking to their strategy, they’re stooping to the level of McDonald’s and offering $3.95 combo meals. Cheapening your brand is not the answer to surviving the recession. Offering customers real value for their money is. Starbucks has inviting stores with a great vibe. It’s hangout. A place to sneak away for a conversation about business, work, family, the economy, a story on NPR or the daily grind of life. Instead of reminding people of what Starbucks is, the company is letting their competition tell everyone what they’re not – an average joe.


~ by hookusa on February 11, 2009.

One Response to “Starbucks is introducing combo meals. What are they thinking?”

  1. […] in February we did a post about Starbucks and how the company was allowing others to define their brand. Well, they must have heard us […]

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