Re/Max attacking rehava. Says rehava logo looks too simliar to Re/Max.

Re/Max is coming after rehava claiming the rehava logo is too similar to Re/Max. Here’s what Adam Scoville, Re/Max’s legal counsel, had to say:

“First of all, both names start with “r” and have logos with accent lines near the letter “e,” he said.

“It goes beyond that,” Scoville added. “If you chop the top off of the ‘h,’ you (almost) have the ‘m’ in Re/Max. The next letter is an ‘a,’ and if you take the ‘v’ then you have half of an ‘x.’ ”

If you have to go through that much effort to find the similarities, clearly the logos do not look alike. Seems more like a like a big company trying to flex its muscle to squeeze out the little guy. In all that’s going on in the real estate world, one would think Re/Max has other, more important matters to address.

You can read the full article from the Post & Courier here and place your vote as to whether or not you think the logos look alike.

~ by hookusa on March 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Re/Max attacking rehava. Says rehava logo looks too simliar to Re/Max.”

  1. […] Just like Rehava Real Estate, Remax is repeating its mistakes. Earlier Remax opposed the Trademark application of Rehava Real Estate saying thatRehava logo is similar to Remax. But on March 7, 2009 when it was published on Postandcourier by Katy Stech (  To read the full story and see the logos please follow this link ), the people have spoken  and on March 12, 2009, Re/Max officially dropped their claim against rehava, which stated rehava’s logo looked too similar to theirs. […]

  2. […] The people have spoken. Today Re/Max has officially dropped their opposition against rehava. claiming the two company logos look too similar. […]

  3. If you flip it upside down, put on 3D glasses, stand on one leg while inside Yogi’s Cave, and look at the reflection in a funhouse mirror … they are identical.

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