Might Be Time For A Mohawk.


It comes as no surprise that so many businesses are cutting marketing budgets like mad. While statistics show maintaining your marketing in a down economy can pay off, for many companies, the realities of money do not allow this. And that’s perfectly understandable.

So if you’ve had to cut your marketing budget, you may be asking yourself, “How do I make fewer dollars work harder? How can I maintain a presence with less media dollars? How can I get the attention of my customers with limited resources?” We believe you do it by not getting conservative with your creative. You do it by sporting a Mohawk to make your brand visible and memorable in a crowded field.

We’re not saying to change what you’re doing (assuming what you’re doing is on strategy). We’re saying it’s time to raise the bar on your creative so it packs an extra punch.

rehava_dollar3_800x450Take rehava for instance. Knowing they wanted to keep spending down, we thought billboards would be the best way to the attention of the local market. Rather than buying tons of billboards, we bought two billboards. We put a big dollar bill on them to create interest. We “tore” the billboards in two. Then we posted rehava’s promise to give half of their commission back to home buyers. That half billboard ended up being the talk of the town, giving rehava added exposure on blogs, Twitter, local television and online news outlets.

p10303301p1030332U.S. Preventive Medicine is another example of a client who used less of their marketing dollars in a more tactical way to maximize ROI with a direct mail piece. Rather than sending 5,000 mailers to potential clients, we targeted 150 top prospects attending a Wall Street Journal event. The company’s CEO, Christopher T. Fey, recorded a message that was loaded onto iPod shuffles, put in custom packages and then delivered in person to the select group. When the sales staff followed up with calls, they were able to get through to over 40% of recipients.


Finally, Folbot, a manufacturer of folding kayaks took an altogether different approach. They turned to Twitter and launched a new sport they termed “Ultimate Biyaking,” which is essentially a bicycle and kayak race in which the participants must carry their kayak on their bicycles. With some encouragement, coaching and investing in a snazzy new phone, Folbot’s President, David AvRutick, took this one and ran with it.

Bottom line, just because your marketing budget has to be reigned in doesn’t mean creativity should be. We have a little saying around the office that wraps this up nicely:

Be different. People will notice.
Be relevant. People will listen.

That little tidbit applies to any budget.


~ by hookusa on March 11, 2009.

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