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Matters of Somewhat Importance

May 6, 2009

From: Worldwide Headquarters – Brussels

To: Clients, Partners and Colleagues:

Dear Fellow Werther’s Original Enthusiast –

While you sit and ponder whether it is the sweet aroma of blooming Jasmine or that diabolical, border crossing swine flu that is causing the repeated and dreadfully annoying expulsions of air from your whiffer, we invite you to gnaw on a few toothsome tidbits of news from Hook:

  • Products from our friends at Riot Outfitters, dressed in packaging designed by Hook, are available nationwide at Best Buy.
  • We are proud to welcome MedCare Express urgent care clinics to our roster of clients.
  • Four logos designed by Hook were selected to appear in the Master Library Series from LogoLounge.
  • Doggie bag dispensers for Suite Sole were featured in Media Life Magazine.

If per chance you are in the market for some ads or under the velvet rope ideas aimed at the well-manicured toes of your customers, phone us at once, and we’ll pounce on the opportunity like a frisky mackerel patterned Turkish Angora cat on a newly unwrapped catnip toy.

Cheers and Good Day,

The Management

PS – Perhaps you would like to become our companion on: Facebook, Flickr, Linkedin, Delicious and Twitter (Tom and Brady).


~ by hookusa on May 6, 2009.

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