Hookers have a lot in common with Social Media.


You’ve seen them both. Stories of brands that have become social media darlings (Zappos). And brands that have been battered and beaten on social media sites (Re/Max). That got us to thinking, immersing your brand in the social media world has a lot in common with being a hooker. Here are ten similarities between hookers and social media:

1.Put yourself out there: Before you immerse your brand in Social Media, experience it yourself. Join Facebook, get on Twitter or Linkedin. Until you use it, it’s difficult to understand its potential, the pitfalls and the reality of what you can and can’t do with Social Media.

2. Work the goods: You can’t just stand on the corner in ordinary clothes and expect things to happen. Simply opening a Twitter, Facebook or Tumbler account will do nothing for you unless you work the goods. It’s critical to join the conversation.

3. Know what you will and won’t do: Before you step onto the street corner, make sure you have a clear set of rules. Remember, it’s your brand that’s out there. Work to maintain your brand’s voice and personality.

4. Prepare for ridicule: By putting your brand out there in the Social Media space, you’re opening up the door for honest feedback and comments from the public. Some comments may be negative and downright mean. Some could hurt your business and you need to understand that before you go stand on the street corner. Alex Bogusky speaks about that here.

5. Chat with people: You can’t stand still, waiting for people to approach you. You need to reach out through Social Media outlets to start conversations and respond to those who take the time to speak with you.

6. Never beg for business: If all you do is solicit sales and repeatedly ask people to buy whatever it is you’re selling, they’re not going to friend or follow you for very long. Sometimes people want to get to know your and your brand before they close the deal.

7. Keep a little black book: Keep tabs on those who are good to you and bad. Get to know the people who regularly interact with you. They could become a reliable source for feedback and insights on your performance.

8. Try different neighborhoods: A good hooker knows what streets to work. Know what Social Media sites to be on and which ones to avoid. There’s no point to joining every Social Media site you can, unless you’re a spammer.

9. Be quick on your feet: When a car pulls up to the curb, you need to take action. Social Media means instant gratification for a lot of people, so responding to a tweet three days later does not please your suitors. Quick transactions are part of the game.

10. Hire a pimp: Social Media involves work, effort and knowledge. Sometimes the best thing to do is hire someone else with the street smarts to get your connected to customers in Social Media circles. Your pimp will help get the word out while you stay focused on satisfying customers. Ahhhh.


~ by hookusa on July 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Hookers have a lot in common with Social Media.”

  1. That’s a sweet turtleneck outfit your hooker is wearing.

  2. Awsome post.It’s a really useful list.Number 5 is great (:

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