Twelve South Takes Flight With Must Have Mac Accessories.

12South Logo

We’ve been biting our tongues since January, wanting to let the Twelve South logo out of the bag. Today we can as Twelve South officially launches. Located in Charleston, Twelve South makes must have accessories for Apple Computers. They’re making their debut with three products: BookArc, a beautifully designed desktop stand for MacBooks, BackPack, a niftly little shelf that hangs on the back of iMacs and Apple Cinema Displays and SurfacePad, a stylish leather pad that protects your MacBook and cushions your wrists.

Twelve South products are available on the Twelve South website, and Apple retail stores. Congrats to the crew at Twelve South!

~ by hookusa on August 5, 2009.

One Response to “Twelve South Takes Flight With Must Have Mac Accessories.”

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