LogoLounge 5


We HOOKers got our new copy of LogoLounge 5 in the mail on Monday. Two of our babies made it in there. So cute. Love the orange jacket. Thanks and respect to Bill Gardner, LogoLounge, Rockport and all the Jurors (that means judges) for including us. LogoLounge is so solid online and on your shelf.

Here’s some links to the solid sites of the jurors:

Alex de Janosi – lippincott.com

Vince Frost – frostdesign.com.au

Andreas Karl – karl-design-logos.com

Jamie Koval – vsapartners.com

Sara Moffat – turnerduckworth.com

Bronwen Rautenbach – thebrandunion.com

Michelle Sonderegger – design-ranch.com

Von Glitschka – vonglitschka.com


~ by hookusa on August 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “LogoLounge 5”

  1. Which two are your babies?

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