What’s The Difference Between Chevy And Cadillac?

New Cadillac Ad

New Cadillac Ad

New Chevy Ad

New Chevy Ad

How in the world can you create a Cadillac ad that looks exactly like a Chevy ad? Why would you? Here are two brand new ads for two different GM brands that are pretty much identical. The Chevy Malibu starts at $21,825. The Cadillac CTS Wagon starts at $39,830. Clearly these cars are aimed at two different audiences. You would never know that based on the example above. Modernista was creating beautiful ads for Cadillac prior to GM’s meltdown. Now Cadillac has lost its soul. For a company that was on verge of extinction less than one year ago,  you would expect GM to put a little more thought into how they market their cars.


~ by hookusa on October 2, 2009.

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