Matters of Somewhat Importance.


Worldwide Headquarters

Antwerpselaan 40 • B-1000 Brussels

Tel: +32(0)2.412.08.88 • Fax: +32(0)2.412.08.58

Matters of Somewhat Importance

November 9, 2009

From: Worldwide Headquarters – Brussels

To: Clients, Partners, Colleagues & Land O’ Lakes Butter Container Collectors:

By now you have digested today’s issue of the Wall Street Journal and have moved on to more taxing matters, such as contemplating which day of the week you’ll use to ascend the attic stairs to retrieve your flannel undergarments in preparation for some cooler weather. As this thought rattles around your cranial cavity, enjoy a few warm morsels of news from the world headquarters of our small empire known as Hook.

The Hookers traveled to Columbia, SC to retrieve three AIGA Awards at the 15th annual In-Show gala.

The Hookers hired a sand sculptor to build a snowman in the sand for this new ad for the Charleston CVB.

We had the good fortune to develop a grand opening campaign for the new Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, which included guerilla, social media, print and outdoor to promote the grand opening. You can see the work here.

Perhaps we can help you develop some work that will warm your hindquarters? Phone us and we will create work that will make you tingle inside like a young girl bestowed with her first baby Blanc de Hotot rabbit. We eagerly await your call.

Cheers and Good Day, The Management


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