Groundhog’s Day Sponsorship.

Old Punxsutawney Phil emerging from den is one of the last great un-sponsored events in America. You would think that after all the years and hoopla surrounding our furry little forecaster, someone would have seen dollars while the groundhog looks for his shadow. Even after a widely successful movie, the only banner behind the marmot is for Gobbler’s Knob, the famed city that plays host to this annual event.

So let’s say you were asked to secure a sponsorship to pay for the Phil’s annual spectacle, who would you go after? Below are our thoughts. Go ahead and share you ideas.

Potential Punxsutawney Phil Sponsors:

Zoloft – Six more weeks of winter? Unlimted refills, please.
Starbucks – How can you possibly open your eyes wide enough to see your shadow without a jolt of Joe?
Costa Del Mar – A more crisp shadow is a pretty site.
IHOP – Funnel Cake pancakes for everyone.
PETA – All animals should be treated so gingerly.
Sony – See his shadow on a 52″ Bravia HD TV, then fantasize it’s you on Oprah’s couch
Snuggie – Why the heck not?
Korbel – Just in case there’s an early spring.

~ by hookusa on February 2, 2010.

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