Hookers Remember Hummer.

We were going to have a tribute in honor of the demise of Hummer, but today we learned Hummer is not dead, yet. GM has given the giant SUV another shot at life, extending their deadline to sell till May 1. Whether the brand lives or dies, we may never see the level of work Mondernista brought to the Hummer brand. Enjoy the spots above. If you have a favorite Hummer spot, by all means share it with us.


~ by hookusa on March 1, 2010.

One Response to “Hookers Remember Hummer.”

  1. Big Race, Monster and Escape are probably three of my favorite spots. Game On is also ridiculously cool. Disappointing to see such rare unique work in the auto category die. Back to price & item ads. Can’t wait.

    Check the spots here:

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