Best Performance for an Advertiser During the Oscars: Hyundai.

Due to rules with the Oscars, Jeff Bridges wasn’t allowed to be the Hyundai voiceover talent during last night’s broadcast of the awards. Mr. Bridges has been the voice of Hyundai since 2007. So what did Hyundai do? They seized the opportunity to make a bigger splash by recruiting seven celebrities to fill in for Jeff Bridges. Knowing most folks watching the Oscars are pretty big movie fans, Hyundai enlisted different voice talent figuring a good number of viewers would see the spots and say, “Was that what’s his name? The guy from Jaws? Richard….Richard Dreyfuss?” Yes it was. Most of the spots were pretty good. “Bedroom” and “Bungee“(shown above with Jeff Bridges) did a bang up job of giving you a reason to buy a safe car.

Click on the following links to see spots with Kim Basinger, Richard Dreyfuss, David Duchovny, Catherine Keener, Michael Madsen, Mandy Patinkin and Martin Sheen as voiceover talent for Hyundai.


~ by hookusa on March 8, 2010.

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