The Latest from Brussels.

From: Worldwide Headquarters – Brussels

To: Partners, Pals and Astronauts in Training:

And so the calendar has once again been gingerly flipped to reveal a new month. The season of vacations, short trousers and tanning all but one’s hide is upon us. As you bask in the warm sun with a tall, skinny glass filled with a concoction that would curl the toes on an African elephant, we invite you to enjoy a coconut sunscreen scented handful of news from the Hookers.

  • See our latest television commercial for SpiritLine Cruises by clicking here.
  • A fun new poster was created for our friends at Cathead Vodka. See it here.
  • Our infamous football shaped soccer ball was featured in Successful Promotions magazine. You’ll find that article waiting right here.
  • We’ve developed a serious of tasty online banner ads for the folks at Charleston CVB.

And for those of you with patience that leans on the thin side, subscribe to our blog for a steady diet of news from Hook and the rest of the advertising universe.

If the sun and warmth has inspired you to strike up some new advertising materials, reach past the umbrella cocktail for your mobile phone and call us at once. We shall leap at the opportunity with the abundance of vim and vigor found cursing through the veins of a 12-16 week old, untrained Appenzell Mountain Dog. We would enjoy sitting with you to discuss a strategy and beautifully manicured plan to help make your product or service catch the fancy of your desired customers.

We wholeheartedly thank you for your time and look forward to conversing with you soon.

Cheers and A Good Day To You and Yours,

The Management


~ by hookusa on June 4, 2010.

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