Hook’s Advertising Age Subscription Expires, Raining on Our Small Agency Award Parade.

We decided to truck on down to New Orleans for the Ad Age Small Agency Conference. We’re named Small Agency of the Year for the Southeast. We’re fired up. We get back to Charleston and toot our own horn a little bit. We eagerly await the arrival of the July 25 issue Advertising Age, which has expanded coverage of the Small Agency Awards. Hurry Mr. Postman.

The day before the new Advertising Age hits newsstands, a new season of Mad Men begins. What do you know? Don Draper is being interviewed by Advertising Age, which makes for some fun Monday morning conversation at Hook.

Tuesday rolls around, the new Ad Age still hasn’t arrived. While we’re waiting, we decide to call Ad Age and order a few extra copies to share with family. We get on the phone with the publication and they ask for our subscription number. We read it to them. And… they tell us our Ad Age subscription has expired a few weeks ago. WTF!!?? We’re finally in the mother of all advertising magazines and our subscription has lapsed? Talk about a buzz kill.

Our egos were deflated, but our subscription has been renewed. We’ll have fresh copies of Advertising Age, with a profile of Hook inside, later this week.

~ by hookusa on July 28, 2010.

One Response to “Hook’s Advertising Age Subscription Expires, Raining on Our Small Agency Award Parade.”

  1. I blame myself for letting it lapse. I even download all the white papers. My bad.

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